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National Zoo and Aquarium

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This attraction is only 5 minutes drive from the centre of the city located on Lady Denman Drive beside Scrivener Dam. The zoo is privately owned and has a range of native and exotic animals, together with the largest saltwater aquarium tank in the country.

There are daily activities where the animals are hand fed by their keepers. Visitors can see a large range of animals from the Big Cat family with Cougars, Snow Leopards, Cheetahs, Lions and Tigers, as well as some rare White Lions.

In the aquarium you are able to view one of the world’s most feared creatures and see the sharks swimming right by your nose. The aquarium is huge and holds over 200,000 litres of salt water.

For a more personal animal encounter the zoo offers a variety of special experiences where visitors can have a “hands on” guided tour that includes hand feeding, touching the animals and being up close to some very exotic animals in the private areas of the zoo where the public usually have no access. Tigers, Brown Bears, Pythons, and Cheetahs are just some of the selection.

Visitors can walk throughout the 7 hectare park and use the picnic and free BBQ facilities.

The Zoo is open from 10 am until 5 pm every day. There is a gift shop, kiosk and coffee shop on site.


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