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Casino Canberra
This small casino has all the usual gambling tables and dining and bar facilities. 21 Binara Street, Civic (02 6257 7074).

The Green room is a dedicated live venue that hosts all types of music from rock, pop, metal and much more. It has hosted some of the best bands and lives acts from here and overseas and is a very popular live venue in Canberra. 11 Altree crt, Phillip 2606 (02 6281 3459).

Holy Grail
The Holy Grail are restaurants and bars that can be found in two locations, one centrally at Civic and the other at Kingston. Featuring national and international bands and DJ's weekly, these venues have become a popular dance and entertainment venues. Akuna St & Bunda St, Civic 2601.(02 6257 9717)./Jardine Street, Green Square Kingston (02 6295 6071).


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