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Canberra does have the amount of banks and foreign exchange shops such as Sydney, Perth or Melbourne but that doesn't mean its hard to bank.

ANZ Commonwealth Bank
15 Moore Street 11 Dickson Place
+61 13 13 14 +61 13 22 21

St George National Bank Of Australia
222 City Walk 39 Wollongong Street
+61 2 6217 5818 +61 13 22 65

Franklin Street

There is no HSBC branches in Canberra, HSBC cards are +61 13 20 32 widely accepted in Canberra even though there isn't a HSBC bank.

Canberra does not have many foreign exchange shops although there are branches of American express and TravelEx. Most of the banks and exchange shops are in the city centre. American Express shops are at Centrepoint Place, Centre City Walk and Petrie Plaza a contact number for these shops is +61 1300 139 060. TravelEx shops are located at Canberra Centre and 18/19 Canberra City Centre Walk and their contact number is +61 2 6247 9984.

Canberra Airport is located 8 kilometres east of Canberra and due to the fact Canberra does not have as many foreign exchange facilities as Sydney and other Australian cities has so it is advised to sort out your foreign currency exchange upon arrival at Canberra International Airport. Exchange offices are located on the ground floor of Canberra Airport's Central Terminal building as are the airports ATM's.

All of the banks in Canberra allow potential customers to open accounts over the telephone, and due to massive increase of internet banking in Australia setting up a new account can be done at home although you will need to go to the bank to finalise the deal. You will need official documents to open the account such as a passport or birth certificate (70 points), driving license (40 points), student, credit & debit cards and I.D cards (20 points). The reason for the points system is that after a six week period of arrival you will need 100 points to open the account, if you open the account before six weeks you will only need your passport. After you have initially set up your account through the internet or phone you will have to go to the bank to show your documents to find these banks in Canberra there address are below and telephone numbers to ring and organise a appointment.


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