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National Film and Sound Archive

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A visit to the museum provides an overview of the history of Australian film during the last 100 years through use of film clips, photographs, sound bites, interactive touch screens and costumes in the exhibition galleries.

Exhibits date from before Canberra was established showing historical glimpses of radio, film, sound recording and television and newsreels from bygone days.

Another fascinating exhibition in the foyer shows early twentieth century song slides. Song lyrics were interpreted with illustrations and became a very popular sing-a-long musical entertainment at the time. The slides were used for the promotion a sheet music sales.
Film classics are screened continuously. You are able to make use of the library’s research facilities and browse in the shop or café.

A new children’s section provides activities where they actively get involved and draw their own filmstrip, make thaumatropes, and discover some unusual musical instruments.

Each weekend Presentations of Australian film and sound history are offered by experienced presenters and give an introduction to some national treasures of audio visual significance. The archive is located in McCoy Circuit, Acton ACT only 10 minutes walk from the central CBD. There is no admission charge to the general exhibition area but fees are charged for entry to the cinema and some other programs. Many exhibits have non- English speaking translations are available.


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