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While Hot Air Balloons can be found in the skies above most Australian cities, nowhere are they a more iconic feature of the landscape than Canberra. There's a proud ballooning tradition in the nation's capital, and the annual Canberra Balloon Festival has been held here since 1986.

The festival runs over nine or ten days in April, and attracts ballooning enthusiasts from around the world. Every day at dawn over fifty balloons launch from the lawn of Old Parliament House, taking to the skies and soaring above Canberra's landmarks. It's a truly spectacular sight – the crisp autumn sky dotted with countless balloons of various shapes and colours.

Creativity is the name of the game at the Canberra Balloon Festival, and entrants compete with each other to produce the most innovative balloon design. Some notable designs from previous years have included Van Gogh's head, a palm tree, a windmill and a pair of dancing honeybees. The sky's the limit when it comes to hot air balloons, and every year Canberra's festival showcases weird and wonderful concepts from around the world.

Various ballooning companies offer passenger rides during the festival. Ballooning is also possible outside of the festival times (except for the cold winter months). However if you're considering a visit to Canberra in Autumn, and have hot air ballooning in mind, you'd be highly advised to coincide your trip with the festival and experience this amazing event for yourself.


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