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Blundell’s Cottage

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The tiny cottage is significant because it is one of just a few remaining stone buildings of its type that have survived in the Australian Capital Territory. The cottage originated well before Canberrra and was built beside the Mologlo River and surrounded by paddocks. Since then Canberra has grown-up and expanded all around it and where there were once paddocks there are now office buildings and suburbs. National Institutions such as the High Court and National Gallery can be seen from the cottage doorstep.

The cottage was initially part of the large "Duntroon" estate owned by the Campbell family, and housed their farm workers and tenants and their families. The name is derived from a newly-wed couple, George and Flora Blundell who moved in to the cottage in 1874 and lived there for over sixty years.

The cottage is important because it can portray the life style of an agricultural estate in the nineteenth century. It is an intriguing museum and testament to the early pioneers of Canberra with hands-on collections of domestic and farming equipment, taking visitors back in time to the era 1890 to 1910.

Admission is now free as admission fees have been removed.

Blundell's Cottage is located on Wendouree Drive which is on the northern side of Lake Burly Grifin. A virtual tour of the cottage can be accessed online.


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